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2016.10.06 List of Award Recipients Internal Research Projects for 105 Academic Year



Principle Researcher

Co-principle Researcher

Internal Research Project of Name

School of Management

Department of International Business

Kung, Jai-Ming

Yeh, Tsai-Lien

The bi;ateral-Laplace-transform approach to bond price derivation under a multifactor model of the term stucture

School of Law

Department of Financial Law

Meng-Shiang Lin

Ping-Chiun Liu

The Research and Amendment Suggestion on Important Issues of Trust Act

School of Communication

Department of New Media and Communication Administration

Kuei-Lun Chang

Yen-Yuan Ni

A hybrid MCDM model for variety show host selection

Department of Advertising and Strategic Marketing



A Multi-criteria-marking Model on the Selection of Art Gallery Location – Compare ANP and Fuzzy- ANP Methods

Department of Advertising and Strategic Marketing

Yu, Shu-Fen

Ni, Yen-Yuan

The Influence of Advertising Memory on Brand Attitude

School of Information

Department of Computer and Communication Engineering

Ming Che Lee

Chaur-Heh Hsieh

Using deep convolutional neural network for short text semantic categorization and sentiment analysis

Department of Electronic Engineering

Lin, Yu-Cheng

Huang, Ping-Sheng

Detection glycated hemoglobin based on surface plasmon resonance wavelength tunable optical fiber with molecular probe

Dept. of Information Management

Chang-Ling Hsu

Jyhjong Lin

A Time-constrained, Multi-valued and Semi-Classification Method for Big Data

Department of Information and Telecommunications Engineering

Ching-Yi Chen

Shu-Yin Chiang

Intuitive kinematic control of robotic arm using RGB-D image and evolutionary learning method

Department of Information Management

Li-Chun Huang

Jyhjong Lin

Exploring continued use of mobile games through the lens of game design

School of Tourism

Leisure and Recreation Management

Lin, Li-Pin

Chiang, Hsuan Hsuan

Climatically sustainable tourism and environmental preferences

School of Education and Applied Languages

Department of Applied Japanese

Wu Ju-Huei

Lin Chang-Ho

A Design of Japanese Listening Comprehension Training for improving usage of Metacognitive Strategies

Department of Applied Chinese

Liang, Li-Ling

Wang Chuan

Studies on the Bon rheological from Dunhuang Buddhist temples Documents

School of Design

Department of Digital Media Design

Chia-Chi, Chen

Chan Shin Chien

The Research of Kuo-Tsai Wang, Ancient Paper Reproduction - Represent the World-Famous Processing Paper in Song and Yuan Dynasties, China.

Department of urban planning and disaster management

Chich-Ping Hu

Wen-Yen Lin

Social and Economic Model of Household Headship Rate

Department of Digital Media Design

Chang Fei Man

Chan Shin Chien

An Investigation on Senior Citizens' Recognition of the Symbol Signs in the Airport: Take Taoyuan International Airport for Example

Commercial Design

Yu, Shu-Yin

Kao, Chih-Chuan

College students’ academic score (GPA) and learning efficacy relate with the use of SNSs and social skills

School of Health Technology

Department of Healthcare Information and Management

Hwang,Lih Lian

Wen-Li Lee

A pilot study of goal setting on fruit and vegetable intake

School of Social Sciences

Dept. of Counseling & Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Nellie S. Cheng

Chih-Long Yen

The defining principles of an aspirational accreditation model in discontinuous environment-Based on examination of AACSB accreditation

Department of Applied Statistics and Information Science

Lin, Jen-Jen

Chen, Lee-Shen

A Study of symptoms ultrasound image classification index

Department of Applied Statistics and Data Science

Wang, Chih-Li

Lin, Jen-Jen

An Comparative Study Between Maximum Likelihood and Bayes Methods for Estimation of the Group Proportion with Sensitive Characteristics

Department of Counseling and I/O Psychology

Lai, Tzu-Ling


A Study of Work Stress, Critical Psychological Resources and Workplace Adaptation: On The View of Positive Psychology

Applied Statistics & Information Science

Tzu-chin R. Chou

Lin, Jen-Jen

A Model of Entrepreneurial Orientation for Banking Managers of a National Bank in Taiwan

General Education Committee

Physical Education Office

Kao Chun-Chieh


Affect the ability of creative problem solving and peer interpersonal feedback of intervention strategies for physical education learning

Physical Education Office

Luo Yu-Jy

Ting, Tsui-Ling

The cooperative learning strategy on physical education Discussion on the Learning Effect of Physical Education Courseurriculum




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