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“2017 MOST Research Project for College Students” Applications Accepted Starting Today

Students are kindly asked to complete the application process before 5pm, February 13, 2017.

1、General Information Chart C801: System Generated Integrated File (Please note that you must include your personal cellphone number.)

2、Proposal C802: Limited to 10 pages 

3、Cumulative Transcript (Original): Please scan and upload your cumulative transcript (including all previous semesters up through 2nd semester of 2015-2016 AY); all uploaded transcripts need to display the official stamp of the MCU Academic Affairs Division Registrar Section; transfer students must submit transcripts from their original school. All submitted transcripts and documents must be clear and flawless. Applicants who submit unrecognizable or insufficient documents will be asked to redo the submission process

Advisors are kindly asked to upload the “Initial Comment Chart” C803 before 5pm, February 16, 2017 (Please click the checkbox in accordance with Academic Code of Ethics). 


1、Each faculty member can only serve as an advisor to 2 students at maximum. (Advisors must be full-time MCU faculty members in order to be eligible for applying for a project).

2、Each project proposal can only be submitted by 1 undergraduate student. The same project proposal can only be submitted once. (Graduate students and Mainland China students are kindly asked not to submit project proposals.)

3、Applicants and advisors must carefully read all the application procedure-related regulations and guidelines. 

4、Student applicants are kindly asked to maintain alertness to the current application status and make sure that their advisors have successfully completed and uploaded the “Initial Comment Chart” C803.

5、If you have any technical difficulties, please contact MOST Information System Service Direct Line at 0800-212-058 or (02) 2737-7592



Best Regards,

R&D Division

Contact Staff Member: Lee, Hsin-Yi at Ext. 2651


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